Münchner Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz

Münchner Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz

The sculptor Cornelia Hammans and her sculptures exude irrepressible creativity and affirmation of life – paired with free spirit, the balance, to unite opposites and extraordinarily high skill.

The impressive works trigger joy, encouragement and well-being in the viewer. The desire to touch the sculptures wants to be put into practice. The artist deals with the material and the creation of her works in a sensitive and at the same time captivatingly pragmatic way – one is inclined to say: she breathes breath into them.

The exchange or dialogue with Cornelia Hammans is of high intensity and clarity – the time with her is characterized by substantial content. A benevolent aftertaste remains. Her sculptures do the same. The thought of “wanting” to “own” a sculpture for one’s own environment inevitably takes hold, because they open up a more differentiated and freer point of view for the other person.

We are very pleased and honored by Cornelia Hammans’ exhibition – in line with our motto “nobis et amicis”. The Münchner Künstlerhaus wishes Cornelia Hammans so much courage, expressiveness, many artistic talents and further successes in her career.
Maja Grassinger President
Munich artist house

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